Wholesale Aubry Flap-shell Turtles for sale

  • Aubryi have the most distinct appearance of any aquatic turtle. They truly appear to be from outer space. These creatures grow to be enormous and reside in extensive river systems.
    These animals start out brilliant red and darken as they mature.
    This is an adult female who has been held captive for a very long time. This animal bears scars from being captured and transported to a food market. This animal is completely cured and doing quite well. This animal has passed the fresh import stage and is a two-year-old captivity. There are also some scars from teather holes.
    Ease of eating frozen thawed fish.
  • Species: Cycloderma aubryi
  • Size: This adult is roughly 15-16 inches
  • Natural Range: Congo
  • Food: Frozen thawed fish



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