australian barking gecko for sale


  • Scientific name: Underwoodisaurus milii
  • Average size: 4.5-6 inches long (head to tail)
  • Coloration: Tan, brown or reddish-brown with dark splotches or bands. White or yellow underside.
  • Habitat: Found in arid to semi-arid rocky habitats across much of mainland Australia.
  • Diet: Insects, small lizards, spiders.
  • Lifespan: Up to 15 years in captivity.
  • Behavior: Nocturnal and territorial. Makes a loud barking call, possibly to claim territory.
  • Reproduction: Females lay two eggs per clutch, breeding season is spring and summer.
  • Conservation status: Widely distributed and abundant. Classified as Least Concern by the IUCN.
  • Other names: Milii’s gecko, thick-tailed gecko
  • Fun fact: When threatened, it can detach its tail which continues to wriggle, distracting predators while the gecko escapes. The tail regrows over time.

The Noisy Australian Barking Gecko: Master of the Outback Night


The australian barking gecko for sale is a distinctive nocturnal lizard inhabiting arid regions across much of the Australian mainland. As their name suggests, these small geckos are renowned for the loud barking vocalizations they emit while hunting at night. Examining their unique adaptations, behaviors, reproduction, habitat role, and conservation status reveals insights into Australia’s rich reptile diversity.

Physical Characteristics

A Small But Stocky Build

The australian barking gecko for sale is a moderately sized gecko, averaging 4-6 inches in length. They have a stocky build with a large triangular head and short tapered tail. Thick folds of skin give them a toughened appearance.

Camouflaging Color Pattern

These geckos have tan to reddish-brown upper bodies with darker irregular spotting and blotches. Their undersides are white or pale yellow. This provides effective camouflage against the colors of the arid outback.

Toes and Skin Adaptations

They possess widened toe pads with small claws to grip surfaces while climbing. Their thick skin helps retain moisture in dry environments. Large eyes with vertical pupils enhance night vision.

Habitat and Distribution

Widespread Ranges

The australian barking gecko for sale occupies extensive areas across arid and semi-arid inland Australia. Their range stretches from Western Australia through deserts in the Northern Territory, Queensland, and western New South Wales.

Spending Days Underground

These terrestrial geckos spend daylight hours resting in underground burrows and rock crevices which provide refuge from the scorching desert heat. They emerge at dusk to actively hunt.

Drawn to Human Habitation

While natural habitat includes rocky canyons and scrublands, Australian Barking Geckos frequently occupy man-made structures. Their association with rural homesteads earned them the nickname “Sleepy Lizard”.

Hunting and Feeding Behaviors

Pursuit of Insects

australian barking gecko for sale are primarily insectivorous, feeding on moths, crickets, beetles, and spiders. With excellent low-light vision, they actively pursue prey once the sun sets. Their barking helps flush hiding insects.

Stealth Ambush Capabilities

These agile geckos can also utilize a sit-and-wait hunting strategy, clinging motionless to branches or walls while scanning for prey movement. Their mottled coloration provides camouflage for ambush.

Handling Prey with Ease

Their triangular heads and large mouths are well-suited for catching insect prey. Prey is swallowed whole, with teeth and jaws adapted for grip and restraint. Powerful digestive enzymes allow digesting chitinous exoskeletons.

Reproduction and Life Cycle

Promiscuous Breeding

australian barking gecko for sale likely utilize a polygamous breeding strategy. Males attract females through loud vocalizations. Females lay multiple clutches each season from September to February, often sired by different males.

Hard-Shelled Eggs

Females lay pairs of hard-shelled eggs in burrows or rock crevices. Eggs have extended 8-9 month incubation periods, timed so hatchlings emerge with the return of warmer temperatures. Parental care is limited beyond egg laying.

Rapid Growth to Maturity

Hatchlings measure just 2 inches in length but grow rapidly, reaching adult size in under a year. Short generation times help compensate for naturally high juvenile mortality rates in their harsh habitats.

Ecological Roles

Control of Insect Populations

The considerable appetite of Australian Barking Geckos helps regulate potential outbreaks of moths, beetles, crickets, and other nocturnal invertebrates across the Australian outback. This stabilizes fragile ecosystems.

Prey for Higher Food Chain

Conversely, geckos themselves provide a reliable food source for snakes, birds of prey, and mammalian predators. Predation on geckos influences population dynamics across multiple trophic levels.

Indicators of Ecosystem Change

Sensitive to moisture levels and vegetation structure, Australian Barking Geckos serve as indicators of desert ecosystem health. Population declines can signal concerning degradation or climate alterations.

Conservation Status

Abundant Across Range

Listed as a species of Least Concern, Australian Barking Geckos remain widespread and common throughout their range with stable population trends expected.

Threats from Invasive Species

However, impacts from introduced feral cats and foxes require continued monitoring. Loss of habitat to agriculture also reduces arid scrubland. Climate change may affect prey availability.

Value of Arid Lands Protection

Maintaining intact desert ecosystems ensures australian barking gecko for sale persist as part of Australia’s reptile biodiversity. Their presence indicates healthy arid zone habitats.

Cultural Significance

Folklore and Oral Traditions

australian barking gecko for sale feature prominently in Aboriginal oral mythology and traditions. Their loud nocturnal calls spawned imaginative stories to explain this mysterious sound.

Tourism Potential

The intriguing behaviors and accessibility of Australian Barking Geckos allow potential for educational ecotourism. Spotlighting and listening to their calls offers memorable wildlife experiences in the outback.

Iconic Outback Denizen

Sharing the remote deserts with kangaroos, emus, and dingos, the Australian Barking Gecko epitomizes Australia’s distinctive wildlife. Protecting their dryland homes preserves Australia’s natural and cultural heritage.

australian barking gecko for sale

australian barking gecko for sale


With its rugged appearance, audacious barking calls, and stealthy nocturnal hunts, the australian barking gecko for sale is a true icon of the remote Australian outback. Safeguarding expansive arid scrublands and controlling invasive species ensures stable populations of this efficient insect predator into the future. Their rhythmic nighttime choruses are an quintessential part of the Australian wilderness that must persist for generations to come.


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