Baby Florida Red Bellied Turtle for sale


 Adult Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale  

  • Species: Pseudemys nelsoni
  • Origin: Captive Bred
  • Size: Adults can range between 8-15 inches
  • Natural Range: North America. Primarily Florida and Georgia.
  • Food: Turtle pellets, cr ickets, blood worms
  • Lifespan: Up to 20-40 years in captivity with proper care



The Florida red-bellied turtle (Pseudemys nelsoni) is a species of turtle native to the southeastern United States, particularly in Florida. They typically reproduce through sexual reproduction, with males and females coming together for mating. Here is a general overview of the reproduction timetable for baby Florida red-bellied turtles:

  1. Mating: The mating season for Florida red-bellied turtles usually occurs in the spring, typically between March and June. During this time, male turtles actively pursue females and attempt to court them for mating.
  2. Nesting: After successful mating, the female red-bellied turtle will search for a suitable nesting site. This can be a sandy area or a soft, well-drained soil near the water's edge. The nesting typically takes place between May and July.
  3. Egg-laying: Once the female turtle finds a suitable nesting spot, she will dig a hole using her hind limbs. The hole is usually around 4 to 8 inches deep, and the female will deposit her eggs into it. The number of eggs laid can vary but usually ranges from 4 to 20 eggs per clutch.
  4. Incubation: After laying the eggs, the female red-bellied turtle covers them with soil, carefully concealing the nest to protect it from predators. The incubation period for the eggs lasts approximately 60 to 90 days, depending on the environmental conditions.
  5. Hatching: When the incubation period is complete, the baby turtles will begin to hatch. They use a specialized egg tooth to break through the eggshell. Hatching typically occurs from late summer to early fall, depending on when the eggs were laid.
  6. Emergence and dispersal: Once the baby turtles have hatched, they will dig their way out of the nest and make their way towards the nearest water source, which is typically a pond, lake, or river. The hatchlings are quite small and vulnerable at this stage, and their instinct is to find safety in the water.
  7. Growth and development: After the hatchlings reach the water, they will begin their journey of growth and development. They will feed on aquatic vegetation, small invertebrates, and insects, gradually growing in size and strength. The baby turtles will continue to live in the water, gradually maturing into adult turtles over several years.
  1. Survival and Predation: Baby Florida red-bellied turtles face numerous challenges during their early stages of life. They are vulnerable to predation from various animals, including birds, raccoons, snakes, and larger aquatic predators. Only a small percentage of hatchlings will survive to reach adulthood.
  2. Juvenile Stage: As the baby turtles continue to grow and develop, they enter the juvenile stage. During this period, they become more independent and start exploring their habitat. They spend a significant amount of time basking on logs or rocks, which helps regulate their body temperature and aids in their overall health.
  3. Sexual Maturity: Florida red-bellied turtles reach sexual maturity at different ages, typically between 4 and 7 years old, depending on factors such as diet, environmental conditions, and individual growth rates. Once they reach maturity, they can participate in the mating and reproduction cycle, continuing the life cycle of the species.
  4. Lifespan: Florida red-bellied turtles have a relatively long lifespan, with individuals often living for several decades. In the wild, they can live up to 40 years or more, while in captivity, where they receive proper care and nutrition, they have been known to live even longer.

It's important to note that the Florida red-bellied turtle, like many turtle species, faces threats such as habitat loss, pollution, and road mortality due to habitat fragmentation.


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