European Pond Turtle for Sale


European Pond Turtles for sale

Species: Emys orbicularis
Origin: Captive Bred. Adult Seribian
Size: Adults reaching 5 -15 inches
Natural Range: Europe/West Asia/ and North Africa
Food: Turtle pellets and greens
Lifespan: Up to 40-60 years






European Pond Turtle for Sale: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on European Pond Turtles for sale. As passionate enthusiasts and reputable breeders, we take pride in offering you the finest specimens of these captivating reptiles.

Whether you are a seasoned turtle keeper or a curious beginner, our goal is to provide you with valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and create a nurturing environment for your new companion.

European Pond Turtle for Sale: An Enigmatic Species

The European Pond Turtle for Sale is a fascinating reptile native to various regions of Europe. Known for its distinctive appearance and amiable nature, this turtle has become a popular choice among reptile enthusiasts.

With its unique shell patterns and vibrant coloration, the European Pond Turtle stands out as an exquisite addition to any turtle collection.

Characteristics and Physical Features

The European Pond Turtle for Sale is a medium-sized species, with adults typically reaching shell lengths of 6 to 8 inches. Their shells showcase a beautiful blend of colors, ranging from olive green to brown, adorned with intricate patterns.

The carapace, or upper shell, exhibits a domed shape, providing excellent protection for the turtle's vital organs. The plastron, or lower shell, is typically yellowish and exhibits a broad hinge, enabling the turtle to retreat securely within its shell.

Habitat and Enclosure Requirements

Creating a suitable habitat is crucial to ensure the well-being of your European Pond Turtle for Sale. These turtles are semi-aquatic and require both water and land areas in their enclosure.

When it comes to the water component, a spacious and well-filtered aquarium or pond is essential. The water temperature should be maintained between 75°F and 85°F (24°C - 29°C), with a depth suitable for swimming and basking.

Adding aquatic plants, rocks, and a reliable water filtration system will contribute to a healthy aquatic environment.

In terms of the terrestrial area, a land section with a substrate consisting of a mixture of soil, sand, and peat moss will allow the turtle to burrow and lay eggs.

Providing hiding spots, such as rocks or logs, will offer your European Pond Turtle for Sale a sense of security. Additionally, ensure that the enclosure is equipped with both UVB and UVA lighting to simulate natural sunlight, promoting calcium absorption and overall well-being.

Feeding and Nutrition

A well-balanced diet is essential for the European Pond Turtle for Sale optimal health. These omnivorous turtles have a diverse palate, consisting of both animal and plant matter.

Commercial turtle pellets can serve as a staple food source, supplemented with fresh vegetables and fruits. Dark, leafy greens such as kale, collard greens, and dandelion greens are highly beneficial for their nutritional content.

Additionally, protein-rich foods like earthworms, mealworms, and aquatic invertebrates can be offered to meet their dietary requirements.

Lifespan and Health Considerations

European Pond Turtle for Sale have the potential to live for several decades when provided with proper care and a suitable environment.

Regular veterinary check-ups, proper hygiene, and a balanced diet are essential for maintaining their well-being. It is also crucial to monitor their shell condition and ensure they have access to proper lighting and temperature gradients.

Should you encounter any signs of illness or abnormalities, consulting a reptile veterinarian experienced in turtle care is strongly advised.

Legal Considerations and Responsible Ownership

Before acquiring a European Pond Turtle for Sale, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the local regulations regarding their ownership.

Certain jurisdictions may require permits or have restrictions on keeping these turtles as pets. Responsible ownership involves providing a suitable habitat,

Hatching Period (Day 1 - Day 90)

The hatching period is an exciting time filled with anticipation as you observe your European Pond Turtle hatchling emerging from its egg. During this phase, it is crucial to provide a safe and controlled environment for the young turtle's growth and development.

  1. Incubation: European Pond Turtle for Sale typically require an incubation period of around 60 to 90 days. Ensure that the eggs are incubated at a consistent temperature of approximately 82°F (28°C) and maintained in a humid environment.


  1. Hatching: As the hatching period approaches, you may notice slight movement and cracking of the eggshells. It is essential to allow the hatchlings to break free from their shells independently, as this process strengthens their muscles and prepares them for life outside the egg.


  1. Separation: Once the hatchlings have fully emerged from their eggs, it is recommended to separate them into individual enclosures to avoid potential aggression or competition for resources.

Feeding and Nutrition (Day 1 - Beyond)

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the healthy growth and development of European Pond Turtle hatchlings. During their early stages, their dietary requirements differ from those of adult turtles.

  1. Commercial Turtle Food: Start by offering high-quality commercial turtle pellets specifically formulated for hatchlings. These pellets provide essential nutrients and are designed to meet the specific dietary needs of growing turtles.


  1. Supplement with Protein: In addition to commercial turtle food, it is important to supplement their diet with protein-rich foods. Offer small pieces of earthworms, mealworms, or other appropriately sized invertebrates to ensure they receive adequate protein for growth.


  1. Introduce Plant Matter: As the hatchlings grow, gradually introduce small portions of finely chopped dark, leafy greens, such as kale, collard greens, and dandelion greens. These greens provide essential vitamins and minerals for their overall health.

Environmental Factors

Creating an optimal environment is crucial for the well-being and development of your European Pond Turtle for Sale hatchling. Pay attention to the following environmental factors:

  1. Temperature: Maintain a warm basking area within the enclosure, with temperatures ranging between 85°F (29°C) and 90°F (32°C). The ambient temperature of the enclosure should be around 75°F (24°C) to 80°F (27°C).


  1. UVB and UVA Lighting: Provide UVB and UVA lighting to simulate natural sunlight. This helps in the synthesis of vitamin D3 and aids in calcium absorption, crucial for the development of strong and healthy shells.


  1. Aquatic and Terrestrial Areas: Ensure that your hatchling's enclosure has both aquatic and terrestrial areas. The aquatic area should have clean, chlorine-free water, allowing the turtle to swim and hydrate. The terrestrial area should provide a substrate mix of soil, sand, and peat moss, allowing the hatchling to burrow and exhibit natural behaviors.

European pond turtle for sale usa

If you're looking for European Pond Turtles for sale in the USA, you can check various sources such as pet stores, reptile breeders, or online platforms specializing in exotic pets or you buy form us or you can also buy European pond turtle for sale near me at your door stepsT0021298 Rough Knobtail Gecko, Nephrurus amyae – male 12g for sale .

It's important to ensure that the seller or breeder is reputable and adheres to ethical practices. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the legal requirements and regulations regarding the ownership and importation of European Pond Turtles in your specific state or region.


  1. European Pond Turtle for Sale

    European Pond Turtle for Sale

    European Pond Turtle for Sale

    European Pond Turtle for Sale

    European Pond Turtle for Sale

    European Pond Turtle for Sale

    European Pond Turtle for Sale

    European Pond Turtle for Sale

    European Pond Turtle for Sale

    European Pond Turtle for Sale

    European Pond Turtle for Sale

    European Pond Turtle for Sale



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