Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale


Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale 

  • Pastel Clown Morph
  • Species: Pseudemys nelsoni
  • Origin: Captive Bred
  • Size: Adults can range between 8-15 inches
  • Natural Range: North America. Primarily Florida and Georgia.
  • Food: Turtle pellets, crickets, blood worms
  • Lifespan: Up to 20-40 years


The Complete Florida Red Bellied Turtle Care Guide

The Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale is a small to medium sized species native to the southeastern United States. They make engaging aquatic pets when provided with an appropriate habitat and care. This article covers everything needed to keep this turtle species healthy and happy.

An Overview of Florida Red Bellied Turtles

The Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale (Pseudemys nelsoni), also known as the red bellied slider, is named for its distinctively patterned red and yellow plastron (bottom shell). They are closely related to the popular red eared slider turtle.

Native to ponds, marshes, and slow moving bodies of water in Florida and other southeastern states, the Florida red bellied turtle grows to 10-12 inches in length. With proper care, they can live 20-30 years in captivity.

These are active, diurnal turtles that will eagerly explore their habitat and search for food when awake. Their engaging personalities and manageable size make them appealing for reptile enthusiasts. However, their complex care requirements must be met.

Constructing an Indoor Turtle Habitat

An indoor habitat is generally recommended over outdoor ponds which leave turtles vulnerable to predators and temperature extremes. Their enclosure should include:

  • Size - Minimum 75 gallon aquarium or plastic tub for an adult. Start babies in a 40 gallon tank.
  • Dry basking area - Platform, ramp, or rocks emerging from the water for full access to heat lamps above.
  • Water temperature - 75-80°F, regulated with a submersible heater. Use a thermometer to monitor.
  • UVB lighting - Needed for vitamin D3 synthesis. Use Reptisun 5.0 fluorescent bulbs.
  • Water filtration - Use a heavy-duty canister filter sized for 2-3x the aquarium volume. Turtles are very messy!
  • Substrate - Bare bottom tanks are easiest to keep clean. Add rocks and logs for basking above the waterline.

Florida red bellied turtles thrive in warm, clean water with ample space for swimming and full access to dry basking areas.

Proper Diet and Feeding

Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale need a varied omnivorous diet consisting of:

  • Protein sources - Feeder fish, river shrimp, worms, crickets, commercial turtle pellets.
  • Plant matter - Dark leafy greens like kale, collard, dandelion greens. Vegetables like zucchini and carrots.
  • Fruits - Melons, berries and citrus fruits can be offered in moderation as treats.
  • Calcium/vitamin supplements - Dust food periodically with calcium + D3 powder to support shell health.

Feed babies and juveniles daily. Adults can be fed every other day. Variety in protein sources, produce, and quality turtle pellets provides balanced nutrition.

Water Quality and Filtration

Given their heavy bio-load, water cleanliness is imperative.

  • Perform 25% partial water changes 2-3 times weekly. Siphon waste from the bottom.
  • Check water parameters frequently. Use water testing kits to monitor ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and pH.
  • Install the appropriately sized filter and replace filter media monthly. Consider adding a secondary filter for extra circulation and filtration.
  • Use a chlorine neutralizer any time new water is added during changes. Chlorinated water can harm turtles.
  • Replace UVB bulbs every 6-12 months as their effectiveness decreases over time.

Pristine, contaminant free water is essential to avoid infections and shell rot. Turtles are very messy!

Recognizing Illness in Red Bellied Turtles

Be vigilant for these signs of potential health issues:

  • Lethargy and loss of appetite. Can indicate metabolic disorder, infection, parasites. Have vet run tests.
  • Swollen eyes, runny nose. Potential vitamin A deficiency. Improve diet and UVB lighting.
  • Buoyancy issues, unable to dive. Usually respiratory infection. Ensure proper water temperatures.
  • Shell abnormalities - Result of poor nutrition, dehydration. Review diet and lighting.
  • Diarrhea - Have vet check for parasites, bacterial infection. Ensure proper diet.

Schedule annual vet exams to monitor parasites and run bloodwork. With attentive husbandry, most health issues can be avoided. Act quickly if problems arise.


Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale

Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale

Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale

Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale

Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale

Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale

Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale

Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale

Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale

Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale

Florida Red Bellied Turtle Care FAQs

Q: How big do Florida red bellied turtles get?

A: They reach 10-12 inches in length as adults. Females are larger than males.

Q: What temperature should the water be?

A: Ideal water temperature range is 75-80°F. Use a submersible aquarium heater and thermometer.

Q: Can they be kept outdoors?

A: Outdoor enclosures leave them vulnerable to predators, temperature extremes, and disease transmission. Indoor habitats are strongly recommended.

Q: What should I feed my red bellied turtle?

A: They need a varied diet - commercial turtle pellets, vegetables, fruits, and protein sources like worms. Calcium supplements are also important.

Q: How often should I clean the tank?

A: Partial water changes 2-3 times per week are needed given their heavy waste production. Completely empty and disinfect the tank monthly.

Q: Why does my turtle float and have trouble diving?

A: Floating/buoyancy issues generally indicate a respiratory infection. Ensure water temps are 75-80°F. Seek vet treatment promptly.

Q: Are red bellied turtles good pets for children?

A: Younger children will need adult supervision and assistance with care. Older children capable of following proper handling technique can find them very engaging.

With the right setup, nutrition, and attentive care, Florida red bellied turtles can make interesting aquatic pets for reptile enthusiasts. Ensure you fully research their needs before adoption.


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