Golden Thread Turtle for sale


Golden Thread Turtle Babies for sale
Species: Ocadia sinensis
Origin: Captive Bred
Size: Approximately 1.5-2 inches. Adults reaching up to 6-12 inches.
Natural Range: Southern Asia. Taiwan, southern coastal China, Northern Vietnam
Food: Turtle pellets
Lifespan: Up to 20-30 years


The Golden Thread Turtle, scientifically known as Ocadia sinensis, is a captivating freshwater turtle native to China and Taiwan. With its golden neck stripes and distinctive head retraction behavior, this species has become a favorite among turtle enthusiasts and researchers. Growing up to 25 centimeters in length, these turtles thrive in various aquatic habitats and exhibit an omnivorous diet.

However, their vulnerable conservation status calls for increased efforts in habitat preservation and conservation awareness. The Golden Thread Turtle's unique characteristics and ecological significance make it a fascinating subject for scientific study.


Golden Thread Turtle for sale

  1. Mating Season:
    • Golden Thread Turtles typically have a mating season that occurs between March and May.
  2. Nesting:
    • After successful mating, female Golden Thread Turtles will search for suitable nesting sites.
    • Nesting usually takes place from April to July.
  3. Egg Laying:
    • Once a suitable nesting site is found, the female will dig a hole in the sand or soil using her hind flippers.
    • The eggs are laid in the nest, and the female covers them with sand or soil to protect them.
    • The egg-laying process usually takes several hours.
  4. Incubation Period:
    • The eggs of the Golden Thread Turtles have an incubation period of approximately 50 to 70 days.
    • The temperature of the nest plays a crucial role in determining the sex of the hatchlings. Cooler temperatures generally result in males, while warmer temperatures result in females.
  5. Hatching:
    • After the incubation period, the hatchlings begin to emerge from their eggs.
    • Hatching usually occurs between June and September, depending on when the eggs were laid.
    • The hatchlings use their egg tooth to break through the eggshell.
    • Once hatched, they dig their way to the surface and make their way towards the nearest body of water, guided by the reflection of moonlight or natural light sources.
  6. Emergence:
    • The newly hatched Golden Thread Turtle babies will emerge from the nest and start their journey to the water.
    • This process usually takes place during the night to reduce the risk of predation.
  7. Dispersal:
    • After reaching the water, the turtle hatchlings will disperse and begin their independent lives.
    • They will seek shelter, find food, and gradually grow in size.

It's important to note that the timetable provided is a general guideline based on typical behavior observed in Golden Thread Turtles. However, specific timing and duration can vary depending on various factors such as geographic location and environmental conditions.


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