Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos for Sale


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Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos, If you are an avid reptile enthusiast seeking a truly captivating and unique addition to your collection, look no further.

Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos for sale, scientifically known as Correlophus ciliatus, is an exquisite morph of the popular crested gecko species. Renowned for their striking appearance and intricate patterning, these geckos captivate onlookers with their unique combination of harlequin, pinstripe, and dark coloration. Their visually stunning features make them highly sought after among reptile enthusiasts and collectors.


The Allure of the Pinstripe Trait

Complementing their harlequin pattern, Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos possess the coveted pinstripe trait. This characteristic manifests as thin, vertical stripes running along their body, further enhancing their overall aesthetics. The precise and well-defined pinstripes contribute to the geckos' allure, adding an extra layer of visual complexity that sets them apart from other crested gecko morphs.


Optimal Care Requirements for Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos

Providing the best possible care for your Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos is essential for their well-being and longevity. Here are some key factors to consider when creating a suitable habitat for these captivating reptiles:


1. Enclosure Setup

To ensure a comfortable living environment, we recommend a spacious terrarium that mimics the geckos' natural habitat. A 20-gallon tank or larger is ideal for a single adult gecko, while larger enclosures are recommended for multiple geckos. Incorporate a variety of climbing structures, plants, and hiding spots to facilitate their natural behaviors.


2. Temperature and Humidity

Maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity levels is crucial for the health of your geckos. The ideal temperature range for Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos is between 72°F and 78°F (22°C - 26°C) during the day, with a slight drop to 68°F - 72°F (20°C - 22°C) at night. Ensure a humidity level of around 50% - 70% to support proper shedding and hydration. Using a hygrometer and a thermostat will help you monitor and regulate these conditions effectively.


3. Substrate and Cage Furnishings

Choosing the right substrate is vital to maintain a clean and healthy enclosure. We recommend using a substrate that retains moisture, such as coconut fiber or cypress mulch, to create a suitable microclimate. Avoid using substrates that may pose ingestion risks, such as loose particle bedding. Additionally, provide ample hiding spots using artificial caves, cork bark, or live plants to create a secure and stimulating environment for your geckos.


4. Lighting and Photoperiod

Proper lighting is crucial for the overall well-being of your geckos. Use a full-spectrum UVB light to provide the necessary UV radiation for their calcium metabolism. Additionally, establish a consistent photoperiod of 12 - 14 hours of light and 10 - 12 hours of darkness to simulate their natural day-night cycle.


5. Feeding and Nutrition

A balanced diet is essential to ensure the health and vitality of Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos. Offer a variety of commercially available crested gecko diets, which are nutritionally complete,


The Fascinating Behavior and Temperament

Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos possess not only captivating physical features but also intriguing behaviors. These geckos are primarily nocturnal, meaning they are most active during the night. Observing their nighttime activities can be a fascinating experience, as they explore their environment, climb, and hunt for small insects.

Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos may appear delicate, they are known for their relatively docile and gentle nature. This makes them suitable for reptile enthusiasts of all experience levels, including beginners. With proper handling and care, these geckos can become accustomed to human interaction and may even tolerate being gently held.


Breeding and Reproduction

Breeding Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos can be a rewarding endeavor for dedicated enthusiasts. These geckos reach sexual maturity at around 18 to 24 months of age. Breeding pairs should be introduced carefully, ensuring that both individuals are in optimal health and condition.

To encourage successful breeding, provide a suitable nesting area within the enclosure. This can be achieved by placing a moist hide box containing moss or vermiculite. The female gecko will lay her eggs in this substrate, and it's crucial to monitor the humidity levels to prevent dehydration.

After approximately 60 to 90 days of incubation, the eggs will hatch, revealing tiny and adorable gecko hatchlings. Providing a separate enclosure for the hatchlings is recommended to ensure their safety and proper growth.



Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos for Sale are undoubtedly exquisite reptiles that deserve the attention of discerning enthusiasts. Their mesmerizing patterns, unique coloration, and fascinating behaviors make them a prized addition to any reptile collection.

By providing them with suitable habitats, optimal care, and a nurturing environment, you can ensure their well-being and appreciate their beauty for years to come.

Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos for Sale

Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos

Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos for Sale

Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos for Sale

Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos for Sale

Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos

Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos for Sale

Harlequin Pinstripe Dark Crested Geckos for Sale


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