Northern Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin) for sale


 Northern Diamondback Terrapins for sale 

  • Species: Malaclemys terrapin terrapin
  • Size: These are 2022 hatchlings. Roughly two inches in size.
  • Typical Habitat: Fully aquatic, Native to the Eastern United States of America
  • Description:These are Captive born baby concentric diamondback terrapins. This all have perfect scutes and perfect tails. These are kept in freshwater. 
  • Food:Blood worms and turtle pellets



The Northern Diamondback Terrapin, scientifically known as Malaclemys terrapin, is a species of turtle native to the eastern and southern United States. It is known for its unique appearance and is considered a charismatic species among turtle enthusiasts.


The Northern Diamondback Terrapin has a distinctive shell pattern with concentric rings and diamond-shaped markings, which give it its name. The coloration of the shell can vary, ranging from black to gray, brown, or olive. Their heads are relatively large, and they have strong jaws with a sharp beak.

Habitat and Distribution:

These terrapins are primarily found along the Atlantic coast of the United States, from Massachusetts to Texas. They inhabit brackish water estuaries, including salt marshes, tidal creeks, and coastal bays. They are well-adapted to living in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

Care and Enclosure Requirements:

  1. Tank Setup: A tank for Northern Diamondback Terrapins should be spacious enough to accommodate their size. A 40-gallon tank is recommended for a single adult terrapin, with additional space for swimming and climbing.
  2. Water Quality: Maintaining clean and properly filtered water is crucial for the terrapin's health. Brackish water, a mix of freshwater and saltwater, is necessary. The salinity level should be around 1.005-1.010 specific gravity.
  3. Basking Area: Terrapins require a basking area with a heat lamp or basking light. The basking spot should be easily accessible, providing both heat and UVB light for their proper metabolic function.

Habits and Origin:

Northern Diamondback Terrapins are primarily aquatic, but they do come onto land to lay eggs. They are known for their ability to tolerate brackish water conditions and are excellent swimmers. These terrapins are considered a native species to the United States.


Some populations of Northern Diamondback Terrapins are threatened or endangered due to habitat loss, pollution, and over-harvesting for the pet trade and food markets. Conservation efforts are crucial to protect and preserve their populations.

Diet and Nutrition:

Terrapins are omnivorous, feeding on a variety of foods. Their diet includes aquatic plants, small invertebrates, fish, crustaceans, and mollusks. It's important to provide a balanced diet that includes commercial turtle pellets, fresh vegetables, and occasional protein sources.

Adopting Babies and Adults:

If you are interested in adopting a Northern Diamondback Terrapin, it's recommended to consult local reptile rescues, breeders, or herpetological societies. They may have babies or adult terrapins available for adoption. Ensure you have the proper setup and knowledge to care for them.

Caring: Terrapins require attentive care.

Regular tank maintenance, monitoring water quality, and providing a balanced diet are essential. They may also benefit from interaction and environmental enrichment to ensure their overall well-being.


The population of Northern Diamondback Terrapins varies across their range, and different populations may have varying levels of conservation concern. It's important to support conservation efforts and protect their habitats to maintain healthy populations.


Breeding in Northern Diamondback Terrapins usually occurs in the spring. Females lay eggs on sandy beaches or elevated areas near the water. It is advisable to consult with experienced reptile breeders or herpetologists if you are interested in breeding them.


Northern Diamondback Terrapins face threats from natural predators, including raccoons, birds, and larger fish. Protecting nesting areas and implementing conservation measures can help minimize predation risks.


The Northern Diamondback Terrapin is a unique turtle species native to the eastern and southern United States. It has a distinctive shell pattern and adapts well to brackish water environments.

To care for them, provide a spacious tank with clean water and a basking area. Their diet should include turtle pellets, vegetables, and occasional protein.



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