Orange Flame Baby Florida Red Bellied Turtle


WHOLESALE Florida Red Bellied Turtles for sale 

  • Orange Flame Morph
  • As this turtle grows it will become brighter and brighter
  • The patterns and colors on these Baby Florida Red Bellied Turtles are spectacular.
  • Species: Pseudemys nelsoni
  • Origin: Captive Bred
  • Size: Adults can range between 8-15 inches
  • Natural Range: North America. Primarily Florida and Georgia.
  • Food: Turtle pellets, crickets, blood worms
  • Lifespan: Up to 20-40 years in captivity with proper care



Florida Red Bellied Turtles: A Stunning Pet Turtle

Orange Flame Baby Florida Red Bellied Turtle is a beautifully colored aquatic turtle species that makes for an engaging pet reptile. With proper care and housing, these long-lived turtles can thrive in captivity. Read on to learn all about this unique turtle species.

Overview of the Florida Red Bellied Turtle

Scientific Name and Classification

The Orange Flame Baby Florida Red Bellied Turtle has the scientific name Pseudemys nelsoni. It belongs to the family Emydidae, the pond and marsh turtles. This is a medium-sized semi-aquatic turtle species.

Natural Habitat and Range

In the wild, orange flame baby florida red bellied turtle for sale inhabit shallow, slow-moving bodies of freshwater. Their natural range includes Florida, southern Georgia, and parts of South Carolina. They enjoy warm, subtropical environments.

Appearance and Size

The Orange Flame Baby Florida Red Bellied Turtle gets its name from the bright reddish-orange coloration on the plastron (underside) of the shell. The carapace (top) is olive green and black with yellow spotting in juveniles, becoming darker in mature adults. Their skin is grey-black with orange and yellow spots. Adults reach 8-15 inches in length.

Typical Lifespan in Captivity

When properly cared for, Florida Red Bellied Turtles can live 20 years or longer in captivity. Their average lifespan is 15-30 years with a healthy environment and diet.

Vibrant Orange Flame Morph Turtles

One especially bright color morph of this turtle species is the flame morph. Selective breeding produces turtles with enhanced orange, yellow, and red pigments. As they mature, the colors become even more vibrant. The flame morph remains as healthy and hardy as the natural form.

Bright Colors Develop Over Time

Baby flame morph turtles will display beautiful coloration right away. But the patterns and hues become even richer as the turtle grows its adult shell and matures. You’ll enjoy watching the changes over time.

Stunning Markings on Skin and Shell

In addition to the eye-catching orange plastron, flame morph turtles have intricate yellow spotting and streaks across the top shell and skin. No two have the exact same patterning, making each unique.

Ideal for Display Tanks and Exhibits

The flashy coloration makes flame morph Florida Red Bellied Turtles a fun display species for educational facilities, zoos, aquariums, and private collectors. They attract attention without hybridizing or genetic manipulation.

Housing Florida Red Bellied Turtles

Caring for a Florida Red Bellied Turtle requires setting up the proper aquatic habitat. Tank size should increase with the turtle's growth to provide adequate space.

Water Temperature

Maintain water temperature between 75-82°F. Use submersible heaters and monitors designed for reptile enclosures.

Tank Size by Age

  • Juveniles under 4 inches: Minimum 40 gallon tank
  • Young juveniles 4-6 inches: 75-100 gallon tank
  • Adults over 8 inches: 100+ gallon tank or outdoor pond

Filtration and Cleaning

Florida Red Bellied Turtles are messy! Strong external canister filters and frequent partial water changes are a must. Completely disinfect tanks between sick and healthy turtles.

Basking Area Essentials

Provide a dry basking area the turtle can completely emerge onto. Include overhead heating and UVB lighting directly above the basking platform or dock.

Feeding Your Florida Red Bellied Turtle

In captivity, Florida Red Bellied Turtles thrive on a varied omnivorous diet including:

Commercial Turtle Foods

  • Pellets or kibble formulated for aquatic turtles
  • Freeze-dried shrimp
  • Prepared aquatic turtle diets

Live Foods

  • Mealworms
  • Waxworms
  • Crickets
  • Earthworms
  • Small feeder fish

Aquatic Plants

  • Duckweed
  • Water lettuce
  • Water hyacinth

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Leafy greens like kale and lettuce
  • Berries
  • Melons
  • Carrots
  • Sweet potato

Choosing Your Florida Red Bellied Turtle

When selecting an individual turtle, look for:

Healthy Appearance

  • Bright, alert eyes
  • Active and energetic
  • Full, robust body shape
  • Smooth shell with no indentations or cracks

Proper Housing at Breeder

  • Clean, spacious enclosure
  • Proper heat and UV lighting provided
  • Given varied diet and clear water

captive bred Origin

Avoid wild-caught turtles. Look for captive bred and raised turtles that are already acclimated.

Quarantine Recommended

Quarantine any new turtle separately for 4-6 weeks before introducing to other pets. Watch closely for signs of illness.

Caring for Your Turtle's Health and Habitat

Owning a turtle is a long-term commitment requiring attentive care. With routine maintenance and observant animal husbandry, a Florida Red Bellied Turtle can thrive for decades in captivity.

Habitat Cleanliness

Keep tank and pond environments pristine through filtration, siphoning, partial water changes, and scrubbing. Disinfect thoroughly between sick and healthy turtles.

Balanced Diet

Feed a mix of quality commercial foods, live foods, greens and fruits. Remove uneaten food promptly. Offer vitamins and calcium supplements if needed.

Annual Vet Visits

Have your turtle examined by a qualified exotic vet once a year. Address any husbandry issues or symptoms of illness promptly.

Quarantine New Turtles

Isolate any new turtle for a period before introducing. This prevents transmission of diseases between your established turtle and newcomers.

Emergency Preparedness

Have an exotic vet identified in advance. Keep emergency supplies like heat packs, extra heat bulbs, medications, and transport equipment in case of a health crisis.

With proper care, the Florida Red Bellied Turtle can make a hardy, long-lived, and engaging pet reptile for keepers prepared for their needs. Their bright colors and behaviors are a joy to observe as these turtles mature. Consider adding one of these stunning turtles to your family!


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