Peacock Slider Baby for sale



Wholesale Peacock Sliders Babies for sale  

  • These Peacock Sliders have a beautiful olive green skin with yellow and orange circular patterns. They are a social species that is easy to manage and is ideal for novices!
  • Species: Trachemys emolii
  • Origin: Captive Bred
  • Size: Approximately 1 and 2 inches in diameter and are significantly brighter than adults.
  • Natural Range:  Nicaragua & Costa Rica
  • Food: Turtle pellets
  • Lifespan: Up to 15-25 years

Our young turtles are all in good condition and eating well! These are an excellent choice for anybody seeking for a beautiful pet turtle. American Reptile Distributors provides one of the greatest online collections of baby turtles.Turtles and tortoises under four inches in length are only sold for scientific, educational, or export purposes.


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