yellow flame florida red bellied turtle for sale


  • Yellow Flame Morph
  • Species: Pseudemys nelsoni
  • Origin: Captive Bred
  • Size: Adults can range between 8-15 inches
  • Natural Range: North America. Primarily Florida and Georgia.
  • Food: Turtle pellets, crickets, blood worms
  • Lifespan: Up to 20-40 years in captivity with proper care

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The Brilliant Yellow Flame Turtle of Florida's Swamps


The yellow flame  florida red bellied turtle for sale s a brightly colored subspecies that inhabits shallow wetlands across Florida. With flaming yellow stripes, a reddish plastron, and feisty attitude, this small turtle has iconic status across its limited range. Examining its distinguishing features, wetland habits, conservation needs, and unique traits provides insights into an imperiled reptile.

yellow flame florida red bellied turtle for sale

yellow flame florida red bellied turtle for sale

Distinctive Morphology

Vibrant Head and Leg Markings

The most eye-catching feature of the yellow flame florida red bellied turtle for sale  is its bright yellow and red facial and leg markings. Prominent yellow stripes run back from its eyes along the neck, while smaller yellow spots adorn its legs and tail. This vibrant coloration distinguishes it from the duller standard red-bellied turtle.

Reddish Plastron

While its carapace is dark brown or black, its plastron (underside shell) has distinctive reddish hues with dark blotches. This placental pigmentation gives rise to the name red-bellied turtle. Males tend to have brighter reddish and yellow coloration overall.

Small to Medium Size

Adult yellow flame turtles reach sizes between 5 to 9 inches long. Females are typically larger than males. Their shells are low-domed with serrated rear margins. Thick scales cover their legs, neck, and tapered head.

Wetland Habitats and Habits

Shallow Freshwater Swamps

yellow flame florida red bellied turtle for sale  inhabit slow-moving, shallow wetlands across the Florida peninsula. Prime habitats include cypress swamps, sloughs, ponds, lakes, and freshwater marshes. Abundant aquatic vegetation provides ample food and shelter.

Skilled Swimmers and Climbers

While fairly aquatic, yellow flame florida red bellied turtle for sale readily climb onto logs and branches. They bask to regulate body temperature but dash into the water when startled. They are agile swimmers thanks to robust limbs and webbed feet.

yellow flame florida red bellied turtle for sale

yellow flame florida red bellied turtle for sale

Omnivorous Opportunists

Yellow flames have varied diets including insects, snails, worms, fish, tadpoles, and aquatic vegetation. They forage primarily along muddy bottoms but eat vegetation from the water's surface. They play an important role as mesopredators in their delicate ecosystem.

Behaviors and Threats

Lethargic Baskers

Yellow flame turtles spend hours basking on logs, banks, and overhangs. They pile together in groups called basking aggregates. While slow on land, they become more active in water especially during mating seasons.

Habitat Loss and Population Declines

Wetland drainage and degradation have led to loss and fragmentation of yellow flame turtle habitat. They now occupy just 50% of their historic range. Road mortality also takes a heavy toll during seasonal movements.

Species of Special Concern

Once heavily hunted for the pet trade, collection is now prohibited. But with continued threats, yellow flame turtles are a protected Species of Special Concern in Florida. Ongoing conservation efforts focus on preserving remaining wetlands and creating wildlife corridors.

Unique Facts and History

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia Order: Testudines Family: Emydidae Genus: Pseudemys Species: P. concinna suwanniensis

Discovery and Documentation

First described in 1933, the yellow flame turtle was long considered the standard color variation of the red-bellied turtle. But genetic studies in the 1990s revealed it is a distinct subspecies limited to Florida’s southern peninsula.

Ancient Origins

Like all turtles, yellow flame turtles have ancient origins spanning back over 150 million years. They are designated as a Species of Special Concern by the state of Florida. Ensuring their future requires protecting remaining fragile wetlands.


The yellow flame Florida red-bellied turtle is a brightly colored reptile uniquely adapted to subtropical swamps. While small, its aesthetic beauty and feisty nature make it a symbol of Florida’s fragile ecosystems. As urbanization increases across Florida, conservation action is crucial to prevent this turtle’s flame from permanently extinguishing. With diligent wetland stewardship, yellow flame turtles can persist into the future as icons of Florida’s natural heritage.


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