Yellow foot tortoise for sale


Yellow Footed Tortoises for sale

  • Species: Chelonoidis denticulata
  • Origin: Field Collected
  • Size: 4-6 inches
  • Natural Range: Tropical rainforests of South America
  • Food: Fresh greens
  • Lifespan: Up to 50+ years in captivity with proper care

Are you looking for reliable sources to baby tortoise for sale near me,?  , captive baby yellow-footed tortoises for sale, ensuring their health and providing a full guarantee. Keeping a yellow-footed tortoise is comparable to caring for a red-footed tortoise or a cherry head tortoise.


Yellow foot tortoise for sale, can live between 50 and 100 years, with some individuals potentially exceeding 100 years in captivity. In their natural habitat, yellow-footed tortoises face threats from predators, habitat degradation, and deforestation. However, with proper care, your baby yellow-footed tortoise can live a long and healthy life you can also buy baby tortoise for sale near me,

Size: Similar to red-footed tortoises, Amazon basin yellow-footed tortoises typically reach sizes ranging from 12 to 17 inches. Most individuals grow to about 13 to 14 inches, with males and females being nearly the same size. Male yellow-footed tortoises have a concave plastron, while females have a flat plastron to accommodate eggs when gravid. Considering these factors, it's advisable to provide a larger habitat for your baby yellow-footed tortoise once it reaches around 3 years of age.

Diet: Yellow-footed tortoises, like other forest-dwelling tortoise species such as red-footed tortoises or Burmese mountain tortoises, have a diverse diet. Their diet often depends on the availability of food sources in their natural habitat. In captivity, their diet typically consists of 50% greens, 25% fruit, and 25% protein. At CB Reptile, greens like collard, mustard, romaine lettuce, and endive are provided, along with fruits such as papaya, strawberry, and apple. Protein is offered in the form of Mazuri tortoise chow, which is highly favored by tortoises. Mazuri also helps supplement the lack of natural sunlight as it is fortified with vitamin D3.

Habitat: For a baby yellow-footed tortoise, a minimum habitat size of 2x4 feet is recommended, allowing it to grow as it matures. Adult tortoises should have a habitat size of at least 3x6 feet, with 4x8 feet being preferable. During winter, indoor housing can be smaller, as long as the tortoise has access to a larger outdoor area for increased space during warmer months. Providing an appropriately sized habitat ensures the happiness and overall health of your tortoise.

Humidity: Yellow-footed tortoises, like other forest-dwelling tortoise species, require higher humidity levels compared to many others. Ideally, humidity should be maintained between 75% and 80% at all times, resembling their native tropical regions. Insufficient humidity can lead to issues such as improper shell growth, dehydration, and in severe cases, even death. Installing a fogger system that activates with your light timer is recommended, but if unavailable, spraying the soil or substrate can help increase humidity.

Temperature: The temperature within the yellow-footed tortoise enclosure should range from 80 to 94 degrees Fahrenheit, with both a hot spot and a cold spot provided. The coldest area should be around 80 degrees, while the hot spot should reach approximately 92 degrees. Both hot and cold spots are crucial to allow the tortoise to thermoregulate. A heat panel, ceramic heat emitter, or mercury vapor lamp can be used to create the hot spot, while UV lighting is essential for the tortoise's well-being. A 5% T5 high-output UVB lamp, such as those from Reptisun or Arcadia, is recommended. UVB lamps


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