Yellow Footed Tortoise for sale


Yellow Footed Tortoises for sale  

  • Species: Chelonoidis denticulata
  • Origin: Field Collected
  • Size: Approximately 8-13 inches. Adults reaching up to 16-24 inches
  • Natural Range: Tropical rainforests of South America
  • Food: Fresh greens
  • Lifespan: Up to 50




Yellow Footed Tortoise for sale

Beautiful baby yellow foot tortoises are  for sale. These tiny yellow feet have brightly colored shells, heads, and bodies. We only choose the best captive-bred yellow feet, putting an emphasis on robust, energetic tortoises with vibrant color and patterns.

Yellow feet are relatively low maintenance and typically mature to a height of 12′′, growing to an average adult height of 10–14′′.

A variety of lettuces and greens, together with certain fruits and vegetables, make up their main diet. Yellow-footed tortoises are wonderful creatures with wonderful, gregarious dispositions and lovely colors and markings.

They will soon eat off the owner's hand and quickly pick up the habit of approaching you when they notice you. We have excellent newborn yellow foot tortoises for sale that may be delivered right to your door.

The most vibrant tortoises available like Yellow foot tortoises for sale. Did you know that red footed tortoises and yellow footed tortoises are related? The yellow foot tortoise's close relative is the cherry head tortoise.

Our tortoise farm offers both the newborn yellow foot turtle and cherry head tortoises for sale.Red footed baby tortoises in bright colors are for sale in Tortoise Town. Additionally, we provide juvenile and young adult red foot tortoises as well as well-started newborn red foot tortoises.

Baby Yellow foot tortoise for sale Diet

A wide array of greens, protein, vegetables, and fruits are consumed by yellow foot tortoises. It is advised to feed your yellow foot tortoise every day. Compared to most available tortoise species, yellow feet consume more protein. The food of the newborn or adult yellow-footed tortoise is the same for both the yellow foot tortoise for sale and the cherry head tortoise.

yellow foot tortoises humidity 

For all species of tortoise found in forests, humidity is crucial. Compared to most tortoise species, yellow foot tortoises, including the cherry head tortoise for sale and the infant kind, require more humidity. Yellow foot tortoises for sale should always be kept in an environment with humidity levels between 65-75%.

Yellow-footed tortoise   UVB lighting

When caring for any species of turtle, UVB is crucial. Less UVB will be needed by yellow foot tortoises, yellow feet, and cherry heads than by the majority of tortoise species.

For woodland species like the yellow foot, using a 5 or 6% UVB lamp works well. Since Arcadia brand UVB lights are unquestionably the best in the world, we suggest them here.

They are available in our department of tortoise lighting. Spend as much money as you can afford on the best UVB lamp for yellow foot tortoises.

Yellow Foot tortoise for sale Habitat

Really, any object—a fish tank, a tortoise box, an old table—can be used to create a habitat. It's important to start by using a solution that works for your specific application.

Consider this: When your baby yellow foot is a yearling to juvenile and you reside in south Florida, you will eventually keep him or her outside. For the majority of the year, people who live in the northeast and other chilly regions may keep their tortoise indoors.

Making sure you can consistently maintain humidity levels around 75% is the most important factor to take into account while putting up your yellow foot tortoise habitat.

Yellow-Footed Tortoise for sale | baby yellow-footed tortoise for sale

When compared to red and cherry heads, yellow-footed tortoises are uncommon in the United regions, typically in the humid southern regions. It is simpler to keep them outside all year round in southern states.

Baby yellow-footed tortoises that have been raised in captivity are widely available. The easiest approach to purchase a baby yellow foot turtle is to locate a breeder, such as turtle Town.

Yellow Footed Tortoise for sale | Yellow foot tortoise Size

When taken out of the egg, newborn yellow-footed turtle hatchlings typically have a carapace length of 112 to 2 inches. Growth rates can vary according to a number of variables, but they are mostly affected by the amount and quality of food that organisms ingest as well as the temperature of the environment.

A yellow-footed tortoise's adult size is about 11–14 inches long, with a few exceptions. On sait que les femelles peuvent pondre des œufs jusqu'à 9 pouces de long. Nonobstant, les femmes sont more susceptibles de le ressentir entre 11 et 12 inches. Yellow-footed tortoises grow swiftly throughout the first five years, but their growth slows as they get older, like most other tortoises.

Lifespan:  Yellow-Foot Tortoise for sale 












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